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HiSet High School Equivalency Exam

The HiSet is a high school equivalency credential and is recognized by many post-secondary institutions and employers. The HiSet replaces the G.E.D. in Maine beginning on January 1, 2014. The HiSet centers on mathematics, science, social studies, reading and writing skills. HiSet testing and preparation are free of charge. Students may pursue the HiSet anytime throughout the year. Students that have taken some of the G.E.D. tests can finish testing with the HiSet exam during 2014 only. After 2014, students earning a high school equivalency credential will need to take the complete battery of HiSet exams.

Students begin with an interview to determine goals and needs. This is followed by general assessments of reading, language and mathematics. The student may then meet with a teacher to review assessments and design an academic program to help them prepare for the HiSet exam.

The Learning Center (121 York Street, Bangor) provides small group instruction to help students prepare for the HiSet exam. HiSet preparation classes are held throughout the day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Distance learning opportunities are available for HiSet preparation.  This allows the student to prepare for the HiSet through on-line lessons with guidance from The Learning Center staff.

To find out more about the HiSet exam process, please stop by The Learning Center or call 941-6315.     


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